Mobile Wash and Shine was officially established in early 2021. We are proud to offer over 15 years of automobile detailing expertise. We bring our service to you anywhere in the greater Monterey Peninsula area and Salinas Valley. We are dedicated to provide you with a positive experience and excellent results. We want your business, and we want you as a repeat customer. Customer service is very important to our brand. You will be satisfied with our work. We have the experience and use nothing but the best products.

For your convenience, we bring everything necessary to provide your selected service directly to your automobiles location; home, office, parking lot. It is as easy as that!

We recommend an immediate wash on any automobile that has pollen, ash or sap on it. Anyone of those can penetrate the clear coat on the vehicle if allowed to bake in the sun for an extended period. We also recommend a wash on brand new vehicles to remove any potential substances that may damage the clear coat.

Mobile Wash and Shine does everything by hand from the basic wash to applying wax. We apply the wax with a hand wax polisher that provides an enhanced shine.

SELLING YOUR VEHICLE: Mobile Wash and Shine recommends a thorough detail of your automobile to best display its potential and maximize your profit.

If your vehicle has paint that has oxidized or has damage from light scratches, Mobile Wash and Shine can enhance your vehicle’s appearance by buffing the entire area and bring it back to an almost new look.

Interior detailing of your automobile can eliminate stains and certain odors and bring the appearance back to an almost new look and feel.

Mobile Wash and Shine provides an array of additional services that include paint correction, head light restoration, engine compartment cleaning and more. Just ask our professional for advice. We look forward to detailing your automobile and establishing a continued professional relationship.


Triple 777
  1. Exterior hand wash
  2. Exterior clay & wax
  3. Windows in & out
  4. Clean leather & Vinyl
  5. Clean carpets and seats
  6. Interior vacuum
  7. Interior dressing
  8. Wheels & tires
The Shine
  1. Exterior hand wash
  2. Exterior hand wax
  3. Exterior air blow
  4. Windows in & out
  5. Clean leather & Vinyl
  6. Interior vacuum
  7. Wheels & tires
  8. Apply exterior dress
The Wax
  1. Exterior wash
  2. Exterior clay
  3. Exterior wax
  4. Exterior windows
  5. Wheels & tires
  6. Exterior moding dressing
The Wash
  1. Exterior hand wash
  2. Exterior spray wax
  3. Exterior air blow
  4. Interior air blow
  5. Interior vacuum
  6. General wipe down
  7. Windows in & out
  8. Wheels & tires
The Exterior
Cars $40 - Trucks $50
  1. Exterior wash
  2. Exterior windows
  3. Wheels & tires
Three-step paint correction
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  1. Polish with cutting compound
  2. Polish with progressively finer compounds
  3. Polish with light compound
add $20 for SUV & full size trucks